The mission of the Kansas City Area Militia is to help members of our community become more prepared to help themselves in the event of disaster, whether natural or manmade. This includes: self defense skills, survival training, general household preparedness, communications, and first aid. We seek to be a force multiplier that can be called to action at any time to bolster the defense of the Kansas City area.


We hold the Constitution in the highest regard, and only wish to see it fulfilled to its original intent. We are not anti-government. We believe in a Constitutional government, for the people, by the people. We have members who are current law enforcement, and former military. We have all taken an Oath to the Constitution of the United States and the state of Missouri. We will do our utmost to ensure both of those hallowed Documents are realized.

Should the worst of all imaginable disasters occur, KCAM will be on hand to assist local law enforcement and Constitutional military forces to defend and assist the population in our area. Should those Constitutional forces be overwhelmed or otherwise unavailable, we will do our part to help the community provide for its own defense and security by providing skilled advisors and training in Civil Defense Group concepts.


KCAM Was Founded 04 JUL 2014



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