Good morning all. We didn't forget, have you?

I wanted to get my thoughts on this in writing yesterday. However with training this weekend, yesterday was a busy day. However, what I'm about to say was on my mind all day, and still is.

I took my son to McDonald's yesterday for lunch. While sitting in the never ending drive through I almost witnessed road rage right there in line. You know the kind, two lanes for ordering. One gentleman ordered and sat in line and waited just like everyone else. Another ordered and then proceeded to cut the first off. It got ugly. The yelling and screaming and threats I heard deeply saddened me. They got to the point of opening car doors and almost getting out but the dude that just had to be right (even though wrong) actually got back in screaming profanity and then proceeded to jump the curb just to get in front.

It saddened me deeply because of the day, as if any other day wouldn't have brought the same thing to my mind.

Remember. 9/11/01. 19 years ago. It seems like forever ago, yet still fresh.

In the days after 9/11, I remember hugging more than one stranger. Even sharing tears with more than one. We were united as a country as I had never seen it, even though at the time I was only 19. Then, I was saddened by what had happened to our country. Yet I was happy because of the brotherhood, and the patriotism I witnessed at such a young age. It filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride in my fellow man, and fellow Americans.

Today, the sadness was from seeing what my fellow man had become 19 years later. It's getting worse. We are divided more than ever. We have seen things out of each other we have never seen before on a variety of different levels.

In 2001 race didn't matter. Politics didn't matter. None of it mattered. What mattered was being an American citizen and standing united under the same flag with a love for one another and this country. Today, people are "triggered" by the mere sight of an American flag. Burned, abused, forsaken, and kneeled before out of pure disrespect and ignorance.

We're in trouble folks. In 19 years it's all been lost on many. We post every year on the day that we haven't, but we have forgotten and it's brutally apparent. The hatred and violence is worse day by day. It has to stop.

Will all of this ever stop? Will civility ever return to humanity and America? I don't know. No one does. But the future doesn't look good with the road we're following. We stand optimistic, but this year has laid the way for anything but optimism.

I fear for this country, and her people.

If you aren't prepared, get there.

No matter what, the goal needs to be set. We must get back to where we were in the days after 9/11. United we will thrive. Divided such as we are, and we will surely fail.

God bless us all. God bless the United States of America.

- Hendo

Originally written and posted to Facebook 12 SEP 20


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