These are some of the questions we get asked frequently.

Q: How old do you have to be to join the Kansas City Area Militia?

A: You must be 17 years of age or older to join KCAM in keeping with the stated age in the Constitution regarding the un-organized militia.

Q: How do I join the Kansas City Area Militia?

A: Joining is fairly simple. Once we are contacted, we will set up a meeting with you at a time, day and location that works for all involved. Typically these meetings are held at a local restaurant or similar type establishment. We have found that one on one meetings work a lot better than larger public meetings as it gives us a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. We do require a background check to ensure we do not grant membership to anyone with any type of felony conviction, or violent criminal history. This is to protect the property owner, our families and our members as we do train with live weaponry from time to time and if we aren't, they are still present. From the first meeting, if everything goes well two things can happen; you can be invited to training under probationary status, or if we have concerns we need to discuss we may hold off and contact you at a later time. First meetings are typically conducted with at least two of our members. The whole purpose, ultimately, is to ensure you are a good fit for us, and us for you and your life.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate?

A: lot of time and dedication is desired and can be needed. Our main training is monthly and usually covers a Saturday and sometimes can cover a Sunday as well. This is the main event where we ask for the most attendance. With that, work schedules and life in general are completely understood and respected.

Q: What type of gear and equipment do I need to have to get started as a new member?

A: While we do provide a full gear list, we don't expect anyone to show up to their first training with thousands of dollars worth of new shiny gear straight out of the gate. Gear is expensive and it can take a long time to get it all together and figure out what works. We have the experience and knowledge to help you gain any and all equipment you need so you don't have to waste your money on things that don't end up working for you. What we do strongly encourage first and foremost is a very good pair of comfortable and durable boots along with personal hydration (hydration carriers are also strongly recommended) and insect repellent. For the winter, warm and layered clothing are extremely important. Beyond that, you will start to see what gear is needed and used by simply training with us on a regular basis and you will have a good idea of what is needed, and what simply doesn't work.

Q: How many members do you have?

A: This is a question we will not answer in any form, on any form of social media, the internet, or any other online media for the reasons of OPSEC (Operational Security) and PERSEC (Personal/Personnel Security). Q: What is the best way to contact you for membership? A: The best way to contact us for information on joining the Kansas City Area Militia is to send us an email to, or by going to the 'contact us' section of our website. For general questions, etc., you can also message us here on the page.

Q: How do I get more information? A:

A: complete list of our bylaws and mission statement can be found on our website.

Q: How long has the Kansas City Area Militia been around?

A: The Kansas City Area Militia was founded on 04 JUL 2014 in Gladstone, Missouri.

Q: Can my family participate in training?

A: Yes. We very much encourage families to join, interact, and train with us because after all, our families are the main reason we exist. Husbands, wives, and kids will all find that they are among new friends and we even get together and socialize together as much as possible.

Q: I want to join, but I may have health conditions or other limitations. Is that a problem?

A: Obviously we have to take everything on a case by case basis, however we strongly believe there is a job and a place for everyone. If you are an American citizen and want to see the Constitution of the United States of America protected and maintained to it's fullest intentions, there is a place for you.

Q: Do you exclude anyone from membership?

A: No we do not. Anyone can join the Kansas City Area Militia no matter their race or skin color, beliefs, nationality, etc., as outlined in our bylaws, however you must be a U.S. citizen of 17 years of age or older.

Q: Do you participate in political races, fundraisers, or help to support candidates?

A: No, we do not. While we might post information or pictures or topics of a political nature from time to time, we as an organization will not endorse any political candidate, or engage in fund raising or election activities because we do not believe those activities to be a function of the American Militia, and do not serve to fulfill our mission as such. Obviously the militia tends to be more on the conservative/right, but our members are of course free to vote how they wish and for any candidate they wish as long as the Constitution and our American way of life is in their best interests and intent in doing so. We do not have the right and will not claim to have the right to tell anyone who to vote for as that is the individual right of every American citizen who is able to vote under the laws and terms currently in place.

Q: Have you been to any recent protests or similar such activities?

A: No, we have not as we do not believe these activities are in the best interests of the militia, or in the fulfillment of our mission.

Q: How long is the probationary period?

A: Typically our probationary period is 90 days, however the timeline and the period itself are fairly fluid under current practices. The period can be longer or shorter depending on a number of factors. No one is considered a fully vetted member of the Kansas City Area Militia until this probationary period is met and the individual(s) have been sworn in.

These are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our organization and membership. As always please contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.


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