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*This is a public service announcement.*

Good evening all.

We hate bringing something like this to attention, but it needs done. It shouldn't happen. Ever. We should all look out for each other whether you're actively in a militia, a survivalist, prepper, whatever. I would say that all of those are one and the same, but this isn't the time for that debate. The point is, we should all be on the same team with the same goals. These goals should not include taking

advantage of someone in our community for monetary gain.

Granted, there is nothing at all wrong with selling products and supplies. That's not the point. Selling fake or knockoff merchandise as the real article ESPECIALLY when it pertains to life saving medical supplies is absolutely the point. We will not name the store in this post for obvious reasons, but we will say it is in Riverside, MO. This local store is selling knockoff tourniquets......again. They've done this before and were selling Emerson airsoft tourniquets as the real deal. We broke hand.....with ease in training. THESE ARE TOYS AND NOTHING MORE. They were notified of this then. Now it's obvious they just don't care.

This time, they aren't selling airsoft TQs. These almost look genuine. However, the packaging is a dead giveaway as a fake/knockoff.

This same 'survival' store had also been (and still probably is) selling the popular Baofeng UV-5R radio for $80.00. These are easily found on eBay and Amazon for $20.00-30.00 all day long. This store is a scam and they've made this blatantly apparent.

Always, always do your research before buying any medical supplies no matter if it's for a vehicle medical kit, an IFAK or your kitchen drawer. At some point, someone's life could depend on it and that life could be yours, or a member of your family.

Only, ONLY buy NAR (North American Rescue) tourniquets. This post is based around the C.A.T. (Combat ApplicationTourniquet), but the same applies to the SOF-T and SWAT-T.

We have no affiliation to this company at all, but for those of you that have seen Skinny Medic on Facebook, his company, is a reputable and legitimate source for medical supplies. That is where I have bought most all of my personal medical gear for the field. - Hendo

Please, if you have any questions about medical gear do your research and find the real article. For more information, please start with the following resources: North American Rescue Counterfeit Combat Application Tourniquets (C-A-T)s

NAR GEN 7 C.A.T. (Medical Gear Outfitters)

You can also contact us on Facebook, or send an email to with any questions. Pictured is a genuine NAR Gen 7 C.A.T. purchased from the link above. ( NAR GEN 7 C.A.T. (Medical Gear Outfitters))

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Originally Posted to Facebook 25 JUN 2020


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