Central and Western Kansas Militias

We get a lot of messages from folks in Central and Western Kansas who are looking for a group like KCAM.

Unfortunately, many of you are just too far out for us to be of any benefit to you as we are primarily based in Kansas City, Missouri. We have always believed in the militia being a more localized endeavor. That way we know all of our members personally, and they know us.

While we wish we had the end all solution, we believe we at least have a starting point where people can get together and network. Hopefully, something beneficial will come of it.

This is a Facebook group we have created for you to join, and interact with others in your areas in the State of KS that are too far away from KCMO. If you have any issues, please let us know.

Don't be too discouraged if there are only a couple present to start off with. These things can take time.

We will take the time to admin and monitor this group and are happy to do so.

Here is the link to the Kansas Militia Network Facebook Group

Kansas City Area Militia

Loyalty - Duty - Honor

Originally Posted to Facebook 02 JUL 2020


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