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These are..... interesting times indeed. If you've ever read Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell, you've probably got a good dose of deja vu right about now. Or deja flu.... If you haven't read it, you're in for a serious shock as to just how accurate it is.

Folks, we aren't here to push more fear or uncertainty. The media is doing a perfect job of that and the sheer efficiency shows with every trip you take to the grocery store. We've seen things in 2020 that no one ever thought we would see in our lives, or in American history for that matter. It took nothing. It took absolutely nothing for people to think they literally had to be locked in their homes. It took nothing. It took absolutely nothing for several articles of the Constitution of the United States of America to be effectively suspended. Once again we've seen an outright attack on the 1st Amendment, as well as the 14th and others.

We've seen agendas that were obvious, and were pushed so drastically on the American people, until that agenda changed and gave way to another one. You must stay inside. You must wear a mask in public. You must never shake hands with anyone again. Yet when it comes time to protest or destroy property in massive crowds, COVID-19 could apparently be paused like a DVD from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. The hypocrisy shown during all of this has been nothing short of horrific.

Worst of all, it has come to the point where for the first time, the rule of law could be completely breaking down. Police are walking away, and who can blame them? No paycheck is worth what all of them are having to deal with right now. Even 911 dispatchers, EMS, and fire employees are being harassed and are getting death threats to the point they are being told to not wear their uniforms on the way to work and to pull anything off of their personal vehicles and social media that identifies their professions.

Locally in KCMO, millions of dollars is being pulled from the police department. The budgets for fire and EMS are also in danger of being reduced. What does this mean? Simply that you may no longer be able to rely on help at the other end of the phone when you dial 911 during an emergency. Granted, things are more dire in other parts of the country, however, we are not immune.

We aren't here to scare you into joining your local militia. We aren't here to tell you that we can solve any of this. In perspective, we are only one local group. We can do very little on our own to change the events and ideals of an entire country. To make any of this insanity stop, and to make any kind of change, it takes everyone. The majority of American citizens to finally stand up in unison and say enough is enough. Sadly, the day where that becomes reality may not come. Too much division has been built, and for many Americans the agenda pushing, misinformation, and social engineering has worked like a charm.

The majority of Americans aren't concerned with anything except what the nighty news tells them to be concerned with. We are a nation of sheep easily controlled by wolves. Conspiracy theories used to be laughed at and mocked, however more and more of them have turned out to be more than just theories, but facts and realities. After all, no one can deny the biggest conspiracy in American history; the founding of the United States of America.

With all of that said, we are here. If more and more you are finding yourself wishing you had joined a group like ours, and that you should have started getting some training long ago, we are here. If you're looking for a group you can trust and that your family can be a part of, we are here. All that we ask is that you take the decision as seriously as everything going on around you. It takes time, and dedication.

If you don't want be associated with a militia, that's fine too. It's definitely not for everyone and we've seen both sides of this for almost seven years now. We're not a good fit for some, and some aren't a good fit for us. If not us, or another similar group, do something. Get training and get prepared. We can point you in the direction of more than one company that specializes in the type of training we provide to our members, without the membership. Keep in mind, however, that type of training does not come with the benefits of being part of a team, a tribe, and a family such as it does with an organization like ours.

We all need to come together. Things look like they could only get worse from here, before there's any sign of it getting better. And we still have the upcoming election to deal with.

It doesn't matter who you are, what race you are, or what color you are. You are welcome in the Kansas City Area Militia. The militia has nothing to do with race or heritage (despite an oddly popular belief). It has everything to do with being an American. If this is something for you and your family and is something you've been considering and looking for, by all means contact us.

If you've spent your life training and preparing for the worst, what have you lost? Nothing. You've gained skills, knowledge and experience to survive.

Kansas City Area Militia Loyalty - Duty - Honor

Originally Posted to Facebook 19 JUN 2020


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