Everyone has probably seen everything floating around lately about the new terms to the Facebook Community Standards. Let me be clear when I say they've already been enacted.

For anyone who hasn't heard of the wonderful Chinese Social Credit System, 'tis be a real thing. Facebook is starting to use the same type of system for it's members.

We all thought that the sad and angry face emojis were just innocent reactions right? Nope. If those are used enough on a post, it will flag that post and even the group that the post is in, letting Facebook know it's members are not happy with it. If this continues enough, the group page can be entirely deleted by Facebook, along with the personal profiles of the admins.

For years there are always "theories" and "fears" when it comes to new Facebook TOS updates and they've always been fairly mundane and harmless. Make no mistake, this is not just another Facebook conspiracy theory. Hundreds of groups and pages have already been wiped off of the Book of Feces and admins and page owners have completely lost their profiles, business pages, personal content, and everything else they had. Can you say extreme?

So let's face facts and some things many of us already knew. Facebook is a social media platform for the far left. It's that simple and it's always been that way, it's just become way more out in the open especially in 2020.

Militias and patriotic right leaning pages are being outright targeted and many are now gone. Yet the other side of the equation is allowed to continue the hate, division, and insane rhetoric.

We are under no illusions that we aren't next. I honestly don't know how we've lasted this long on this platform. That said, we never do much of anything online without a backup plan, and we already have those in play.

We are in the process of moving our private members pages and information to another platform. For our public facing page such as this one, we are considering a MeWe page. MeWe has been taking great pride in being the opposite of Facebook in privacy and the freedom of speech. We are moving a lot of things there for the time being.

Also, keep an eye on our website, especially the blog. Should this page get Zucked, you will read where to find us there.

The goal, is to eliminate our presence on this platform for good.

This platform, Facebook, has been a very convenient way to connect with people. From the groups, to the chat function, it's very each to use and navigate. As badly as you want to scream about the First Amendment being violated and how much they are restricting free speech and expression with outright and blatant censorship, the truth is, they have that right and we have the right to find other avenues for our content, recruiting and members.

If you don't agree with that, fine, but I offer you this; you don't pay for Facebook. You are using a company who has the right to create their own rules and ways of doing things. If you don't like something someone has to say in your home, you have the right to kick them out, yes? Well we've been in Mark Z's house and now it's time to leave and go do patriot and American things where we are wanted. There is really no difference in that comparison.

Things only seem to be getting worse, and closer to election time, well, only time will tell. Be prepared, for anything. Always. If you need help, we are here. There truly is strength in numbers, and in the tribe. Our tribe can include you and yours. Contact us before it's too late.

- Hendo

Kansas City Area Militia Loyalty - Duty - Honor


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