Federal Intervention

We're going to try and jump ahead of this one.....

Federal agents being deployed into major hot spot cities, including Kansas City.

Clearly the division continues today in the United States. One side is jumping up and down for joy that the feds have started entering cities and making arrests, while the other side wants them out immediately and feels this was a massive overstep.

So where do we sit in this discussion as a militia? Answer: This be a slippery slope.

We live in a nation of law and order. The founding principles of our Constitution ensure this. Safety, freedom, and security are the right of every American citizen. Of course, protest is also the right of every American citizen. However, I think we can all agree that when those peaceful protests turn violent, we have a problem all the way around. Destruction of property, violence toward the innocent, and outright lawlessness are not rights of the people guaranteed by the Constitution.

We have mayors and governors that have climbed aboard the defund the police bandwagon and what have we seen from it? Crime rates have risen. As if no one could see that coming. The protests have continued and a couple of cities have remained in a state of chaos since this all began. Police officers all over the country have either resigned, or put in for early retirement. Who can blame them? They are the ones who should be putting a stop to it all. Nothing about any of this should have to involve federal agents. Although that's not entirely true......

When crimes cross state lines, that can become a federal issue. As it has come out in the past, many have come from out of state into some of these cities with only violence and destruction on their minds to fuel the fires. In that case, it can certainly become a federal issue.

Our local police are getting their hands tied by bureaucracies and politicians more and more everyday. When that becomes the case, if you don't want federal agents to get involved, then what do you want? Do you want all of this to continue? Do you want to see your city get burned to the ground, innocent people murdered because they don't agree with the message? Do you want to see another pregnant mother gunned down in the street because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and chose to speak the wrong and politically incorrect slogan?

We didn't think so. Something has to be done to put a stop to the violence. Surely we can all agree on that.

Are the feds just blindly kidnapping innocent, peaceful people off of the street and holding them illegally? Probably not. For detainment of any kind to happen, there has to be probable cause. If they have that probable cause, you can be detained for up to 72 hours. This is nothing new. Keep in mind, 'detainment' and 'arrest', aren't necessarily the same thing. One thing remains extra crystal clear: If you do stupid things, you're bound to win stupid prizes.

What can you do? First of all, read the 4th Amendment. Second of all, know your rights. Don't take our advice. We don't have a lawyer on staff (now accepting applications). These are things you need to know and research yourself.

The slippery slope becomes the fact that one man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter. Going back to the armed rally of gun owners, patriots and militia in Virginia not long ago, they very easily could have turned the tables. That could have been our side that the feds were coming after. The difference? When it's conservative types, we aren't typically inclined to start riots, injure police officers, set fires to cars and buildings, and beat the hell out of or kill someone that doesn't agree with us. Ironically the side that screams the most about hate and injustice, are the ones that have been dishing out the most hate and injustice.

The question ever remains. What are we doing? That question has been asked of us once again. So, in response, what are you doing? We are civilians and every day people just like you. The only difference might be that we have come together in a group to train and prepare together. So message us all you want to, and please comment all you want to. We love the interaction. Do, think long and hard though. In asking us what we are doing, would you ask your friends and family to do the same? A lot of people don't seem to fully grasp what "doing something", might entail. Do you want us to go square up with protesters, or federal agents and police? Are you yourself ready and willing to do the same? Or are you content with sharing memes and outrage on the internet hoping it somehow makes a difference? Good. We're happy we can all see eye to eye here.

Folks, everyone wants to see this all come to and end. I think we're all beyond ready to ask for a refund on 2020, although 2021 might end up being even worse. Only time will tell and no one knows the future.

Is it time for We the People to take a stand in all of this? Ask yourself these questions. If you are wrong, are you ready to lose everything you have? Are you ready to say goodbye to your family, friends, career? If you are wrong, and make the wrong decision at the wrong time, your/our entire cause and reason will be for nothing and we will only be giving even more fuel to the other side in their self realization of righteousness. Our side will get it even harder if we hit fast at the wrong time. We all know that.

To be clear, as sad as it is to have to point this out, our referencing 'peaceful protesters' and 'rioters' has nothing to do with race or skin color. That's getting spun way out of control too. There are protesters, peaceful or not, involved in all of this from all races and skin colors. Don't be that guy.

These are things we think about constantly, and in every situation our leadership is in constant contact while keeping an eye on things as they play out. We train, we prepare. At this point that is what we are doing. If you want to be a part of that, please by all means contact us. Let's sit down and talk. And that goes out to anyone that wants to meet with us and see what we're about. The invitation is there.

We will leave you with one final thought. You would know exactly what we were doing, if you were a member.

Of these things we hold true, and we will defend. Loyalty - Duty - Honor


Originally posted to Facebook on 23 JUL 2020


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