Protests, Riots, and the Militia

Updated: Jul 4

Inevitably in situations of civil unrest such as we are seeing right now, the messages and comments come.

What are we doing? Why aren't we in the middle of it and deploying?

The answers to these questions are simple, and as always common sense and rational thought must prevail.

During the unrest in Ferguson, MO we were asked why we weren't there. Our answer is the same now, as it was then.

We are fully capable and ready to activate and deploy when needed, and if needed. We are blessed to have the security, medical, communications, and defense/tactical training which would make us an asset in emergencies and situations such as this.

However, we do this as volunteers and civilians. If we were contacted and asked to go into an area and offer property protection, or personal protection, we would provide those to the best of our abilities. We have not been contacted, and we have not been asked to provide these services. Why don't we do it anyway? We would love to have that type of relationship with local law enforcement. We are very much open to that. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world. With respect to the current situation, and for the unfortunate stereotypes and misinformation when it comes to the militia, we prefer to stay out of the spotlight. The last thing we need is for our actions to make the nightly news should a confrontation go South.

We all have jobs, we all have families, and we all have lives we have to live. No one can just call into work and expect to be able to go fight the good fight for a few days. It doesn't work that way.

Keep in mind, there are two different definitions of militia. We are the unorganized variety. We are citizens. The National Guard is the organized militia. While the rule of law is still intact, situations like this are best handled by law enforcement, and if needed, the National Guard. This is why we have them, and that is why they exist. Should the time come for us, and other citizens to step in, we certainly will. However, fighting crime is not immediately in our mission statement, or our reason for existence as a militia. And that's exactly what we're seeing; crime.

There are peaceful protests, and we fully support that as an absolute right. However, rioting, looting, throwing objects at police, and the general disarray we have been seeing does nothing to serve the memory of the victims, or their lives. Destroying cities and property does nothing to bring change that so many are honestly, and peacefully protesting for.

We know many don't agree with us on this issue, and think we should be geared up and deployed right now. That's fine. You are certainly entitled to your feelings and opinions. If we're needed, we'll be there. Until then, we will not interfere.

Lastly, our capabilities or operating posture will never be fully disseminated on social media of any kind. Not only would that be irresponsible on our part, it would also be a massive violation of basic OPSEC.

Thank you for your time. We hope this has cleared up more, and ongoing confusion.

If you have any questions regarding this, as always message us on the Facebook page, or shoot an email to

Be safe.

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Originally Posted to Facebook 02 JUN 2020


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