Pure Insanity

As we have tried to make clear in the past, we are not a political entity. We are here first and foremost for the constitution of the United States of America of which we have all sworn an oath to protect.

However, there comes fourth such blatant and delusional rhetoric from the far left, that it brings attention to itself. Jane Fonda, like everyone else, is certainly free to her own thoughts and opinions. The problem becomes when these thoughts and opinions while so obviously absurd, are the norm for a political party and elected officials. No, Hanoi Jane is not an elected official, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she shares the views of many who are. Welcome to 2020 folks.

The rest of the video is just more of the usual back and fourth with the talking heads. Pay attention to 0:13-1:29.

The full interview (so you can decide for your self regarding context) can be found here starting at 17:53.


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