We have made the decision to cease our recruiting activities indefinitely for the safety and security of The Kansas City Area Militia. Only under special circumstances will there be any exemptions to this. Feel free to continue contact with us through our email address and social media platforms, but for the most part until the uncertainty of the upcoming election has abated, we will not be meeting with anyone for recruiting and membership purposes.

Instead, our focus has been on unit training and preparedness for whatever situations we may find ourselves facing in the coming months. No matter the outcome of the election, things are certain to get worse in this country. Of that, we can pretty much guarantee.

You, your families, and your respective groups should be doing the same. At this point preparedness is what we have as a tool to survive, and endure. For freedom, for the Constitution of the United States of America and for our American ideals, beliefs and ways of life. These are all in dire jeopardy. If you disagree with this statement, you have that right. You, after all, as the reader of this post, are likely an American citizen. But it is our right as the same to point out that you would have to be blind at this point to have missed the obvious.

God bless America, her people and those who have sworn to defend all that we hold dear against all enemies, foreign and domestic. God bless the American militia. We are the last line of defense. We will prevail.

Loyalty - Duty - Honor


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