The 4th of July 2020

The 244th birthday of the United States of America. It's right around the corner.

Tomorrow is a day for celebration, and much like Memorial Day, a day for remembrance.

Remembrance of the brave that risked everything to escape the clutches of tyranny with the dream of independence and freedom.

Remembrance of those who defied the rule over their lives by the hand of another human being.

Remembrance of how far we've come as a nation, and also the struggles we now face.

Going into the 4th of July weekend, we all know things just feel different. This America is not the America most of us remember. Our police are being attacked. Our history is being threatened and removed. And now the 4th of July itself has come under attack.

There are many rumors floating around that something could go down this weekend and there are "Forget the 4th" protests scheduled around the country this weekend.

As always, be safe, have fun, and most importantly keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six. Things aren't getting any better out there.

God bless America. We need it now more than ever.

Kansas City Area Militia Loyalty - Duty - Honor


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