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This is the new normal. This is the new normal.

No. None of this is normal. Not even close.

In reality, the new normal should be you and your family having a new found drive and conviction to be prepared for anything. Normally when "being prepared" becomes a topic of conversation, many think food, water, and lots and lots of ammo. While these are certainly necessary, a lot of times one thing you don't hear being discussed as much as it should be is the need to be medically prepared.

For all of the weapons and ammunition you have in your preparedness stockpile, essential medical supplies should go hand in hand. And we aren't talking about a couple of first aid kits from the local box store either (You know the one. Yep, the one you feel the need to have a QRF on standby to patronize.).

Basic first aid kits should always be on hand, but it's everything you really need that these kits do not have.

Tourniquets (CAT of SOF-T) Emergency Trauma Bandage 14 gauge NCD Chest Seal (Hyfin, Bolin) Gloves Medical tape Gauze, Compressed Trauma shears (good quality that should be able to cut through thick denim at least)

DO NOT go cheap on any of these supplies. There are many knock offs out there especially on the tourniquets. Only buy these medical supplies from a reputable dealer who can guarantee their authenticity. A good tourniquet will run $25.00 - $30.00 on average. Don't buy from any company that also supplies air soft gear because it's a good bet that the tourniquets (and other supplies) they have will only be props for air soft use. We have seen many of these and we have made them all fail catastrophically during training. Sadly, a local survival store in Riverside, MO was also selling these as the real article not too long ago.

Get the proper training on any medical supplies such as the above mentioned. There are plenty of videos and writings available that do a good job to get you in the right direction, however hands on training from qualified instructors is always going to be your safest bet. Don't get your combat medical training from YouTube.

This was the focus of our training this past weekend (June 2020). TC3 and care under fire in the field. We provide this type of training and instruction to our members. Our instructors are professionals in their fields and have the real world education, training, and certifications to give this type of training. People who have been there, or are still there now.

If you're looking for this type of training. If you're looking for a group of people you can trust. If you're seeing all of the things going wrong in the world right now and are ready to be prepared should the worst become reality, contact us.

As always if you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to shoot us a message as well. Kansas City Area Militia Loyalty - Duty - Honor

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