Time's Up

In two days, on 03 NOV 2020, the republic as we know it could change forever. We've all thought for years that things haven't been right in this country. Every year it seems like things might be getting closer and closer to spilling over. It has sure seemed like it more than once.

This time it's different. It feels different. This could be it. This 244 year old experiment could be drawing near to an end. Socialism, and other radical ideologies continue to gain more and more ground in contradiction to the sacred documents that founded the United States of America.

If Trump wins again, the other side keeps promising that there will be violence. If Biden wins, certain bad elements seem to have the idea that they can get away with just about anything they want to.

History has been lost on many. Right now all Americans should be standing together in unity to ensure the continuation of the republic for which it stands. That's not the case. Not by a long shot. America has never been more divided, and it's not just division over one thing and another. It's several things. Everyone seems to have their own agenda to push. The media has made 2020 a complete dumpster fire which just keeps adding more fuel from the gas can of double speak and hypocrisy. Militias, while being the biggest proponents of freedom and patriotism in favor of the Constitution, are being down played as terrorists and hate groups when the exact opposite is the reality. The hate is coming from the other side of the equation and that's been made blatantly obvious. You would have to have lived in the mountains of Tibet for the last few years to not have seen all of this.

People want socialism and it's gaining more and more ground. Ideologies and systems that no one ever wanted to see in America. What changed? People in the right places for the wrong reasons are a big part of it. The American media is nothing more than a propaganda machine and might as well be a state ran affair. You saw it in TV, so it must be the truth, right? Social media platforms, of course the largest and most influential, are catering to the 'woke' one sided crowd that let emotions and ignorance reign in their everyday lives. You can't think this way, or say that anymore because it's not PC enough and doesn't hold to the decided upon narrative which makes you 'dangerous' and an outcast from society. It makes you wonder where all of that tolerance and understanding went doesn't it.

If there was any sign of intelligent life left in most places in 2020, it would be understood just what path America is on, and it's not at all a good one. When someone speaking about socialism says, "We need to give this a try", it's all a person can do to not scream that is has been tried, several times in several eras and several parts of the world. The art of debate and conversation has suffered greatly. No matter the facts and information you can present to state your case, you, as an intelligent well educated and researched American, are faced with nothing short of a tantrum from people who think that all of a sudden they know what's best for everyone's future; history be damned. The educational system has failed, miserably. The family unit has been made to fail, miserably. And the most miserable part is that we all saw this coming, through history, yet have done nothing.

For those of you in the 'silent majority' and 'arm chair patriot' clubs, you aren't without a heavy portion of the blame either. There's a time to be silent and to just want to be left alone. However, when the other side has screamed and yelled at the tops of their lungs for change, and most of it the change you do not want, yet you remain silent and do absolutely nothing about it, you are letting those louder voices and ideas get heard the most. Never forget, especially under these circumstances, SILENCE IS ACCEPTANCE.

Will the 'new normal' and the 'new world' become part of that acceptance? Let's hope not. Unfortunately at this point, it's out of everyone's hands. All we can do is hope that the election goes the right way, constitutionally and that the republic stays in tact. Or we will be entering into a world where people actually still think that the world is going to end in 12 years because Trump was president and because of cows farting in the field. Not to mention those that have no idea what the Holocaust was, or for that matter, the Revolutionary War.

We aren't going anywhere. We have a duty as American citizens to ensure the survival of this 244 year old experiment called the Constitutional Republic. Failure is not an option. Pick up a book and read it. Venezuela would be a very, very good place to start if you want to see how socialism and some of the crap these people want leads to your children starving and dying in the street because you had to wait too long in a food rationing line and the food ran out.

You still don't think any of that could happen here? Talk to an immigrant. Talk to someone who became a U.S. citizen in the last two or three decades. They will be more than frightened to tell you that the place (America) that they fled to for freedom and a better life is becoming more and more like their birth countries every single day. They are terrified at the ignorance and lack of common sense they are seeing. Terrified because for them this is all deja vu of something they thought they had escaped, never knowing it was going to follow them to the place it was never supposed to happen.

si vis pacem para bellum

God Bless the United States of America.

This we will defend.

Loyalty - Duty - Honor


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