Uniform Care

Most uniforms, especially with more advanced fabrics, aren't cheap most of the time. Your laundry detergent is all wrong for anything you wear outdoors and depend on whether it's for militia purposes, or hunting, survival, etc. The UV brighteners and fabric softeners found in just about every laundry detergent found on the shelf at your local store will deteriorate your clothing, and to an extent, can be a safety issue as well.

The fabric softeners can break down the rip stop materials in your uniforms and outdoor clothing vastly shortening the life of the material, especially Velcro.

The UV brighteners can light your ass up under IR like Karen mouth blasting a 20 year old manager at Walmart. This is the same reason why UV brighteners are something to stay away from on your clothing while hunting. Deer and other animals don't see colors as we do, but they do see in the IR and UV spectrums.

Sport Wash is the way. Read the information on the website and get some! Save the tide for your yoga pants and bar clothes. Use Sport Wash for the things that your life might depend on.

They do have a product that can get rid of the UV brighteners as well.

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