We're not saying it was aliens, but......

The way the first half of this year has gone, who knows what act II is going to bring. In less than a year, we went from a nation too comfortable in saying, "That will never happen here, because the People won't allow it.", to seeing just how much a very large portion of the population will turn a blind eye to in the name of safety and security. Most notably, for the first time, we've seen the Constitution of the United States of America basically suspended to a lesser or greater degree depending on which part of the country you're looking at.

Life in post March 2020 America could literally have been something penned in a best selling work of fiction. The irony is the fact that more than one fictional novel has been written long before now that could have been scripts for exactly what we are seeing. The accuracy and detail of a couple are just down right frightening and more than surreal.

Hell, if we all woke up to our own circa 1996 version of Independence Day, would anyone really be that surprised? Probably not. Instead of fear and mass panic, the usual suspect's first thought would probably be to scold and condemn the otherworldly for not wearing their N95s. This is all of course assuming that they don't roll up their windows, lock their doors, and hit warp nine through the Milky Way to get as far away from us as possible.

No, we haven't gone insane thinking we're really in for an alien invasion, although, the fact that topic has become astoundingly more mainstream lately is interesting, there is a point to this........

What can you do right now? What can you do to insure some sense of normalcy and security for whatever the rest of the year, and going forward may bring? Prepare. Americans should all become some hard-core peppers from July 2020 and on. Remembering back to when the TV show 'Doomsday Preppers' first came on, so many thought that those crazy preppers were nothing short of straight jacket models. In reality, a lot of them have been doing what everyone should have been doing the whole time. Food, water, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, communications, survival training, financial stability, security.......not running out of Charmin ultra double rolls..... There are endless ways to become prepared. Networking with others you trust and making your own small community that you and your family can depend on is never a bad idea either. If you spend your life preparing and training, what have you lost? Absolutely nothing. What you will have accomplished is gaining knowledge and skills that can be taught and passed down for when these skills and knowledge bases might really be needed in the future, or right now.

What can we do as a militia? As KCAM? We will continue as we have been since this group was founded six years ago. We will train. We will prepare. And we will continue to watch the world around us and we will be ready should the worst imaginable come to fruition. We are here, and this is what we do. If you want, or even need to be part of it, by all means, let's have a conversation. If not, just know you aren't alone and we will be here.

Now is the time to come together. Legitimate, Constitutional militias, communities, neighborhoods, and families. Train together. Prepare together. Break bread together. The future looks anything but good right now, but together, we will prevail and we will keep our Constitution, our traditions, and our American way of life going into the future. We have to. This isn't something that can just be forgotten and thrown to the wayside for what the alternative looks to be.

We will get through this, but it takes all of us.

Make no mistake, and don't try to read between the lines; this is not a call to arms. This is a call to get prepared, and to be ready for whatever may come. That is what needs done first and foremost before anything else.

God bless America and her people.

Kansas City Area Militia Loyalty - Duty - Honor

Originally Posted to Facebook 30 JUN 2020


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